• Sunshine blogger awards - eng

    (j'ai juste testé pour la première fois une version traduite en anglais (que j'ai mis un peu de temps à faire je l'avoue... mdr), dites-moi ce que vous en pensez)
    (I just tested for the first time a translated version in english, tell me what do you think about it)
    Hey ! I'm so original at the moment with all my challenges ! actually it's just that I really don't have the time ; I'm too busy you know... the challenge is finally the kind of article which take the least time, and as it's rather nice, here I am !
    I'm preparing others articles, espacially a... oh no i won't spoil you ! no for real I prepare the results of the contest, because maybe it would need to finish them... an article on my dream destinations number two, and a little thing that I prepare for quite a while and which arrives soon.

    enough of blah blah, I do this challenge today because I've been tagued by Sname and #Yuki (I thank you girls) to do the Sunshine blogger awards challenge. The principle is simple ; you answer 11 questions asked by your "taguer", and then you ask eleven questions again for the next persons.


    Sunshine blogger awards


    Sname's questions 

    Your favourite smartphone application, little known ?
    HelloTalk. It's an app for talk to strangers. Basically, when you create your account, it ask you the language that your learn and your skills and then you can talk with people who have around the same skills in french, and I improve my english and all (or not...)

    What is your favourite song at the moment ?
    I'm still in the Finesse mood, even if the song came out for a long time, and End Game, no comparison with, but I don't know I really loved it.

    If you had the chance to have a plane ticket immediately, where would you leave ?
    Ouuuh, difficult ! If I've had to answer like that, on an impulse, I would say the Costa Rica. For having studied it (thanks geography lessons), it seems like... absolutely magnificent.

    Which film would you like to see at the moment ?
    There was Tomb Raider but I already saw it... (the 4dx bruuh it's so cool, tell me if you want a detailed article about it, that would appeal to me) Otherwise, I would like to watch the coming Spielberg, Ready Player One, it seems cool !

    Which blog do you like read regularly ?
    The blog of Léa, better known as A Cat's Life (icii), and Lazulie's blog, it's certainly one of the most beautiful blog that I've never seen of my whole life. check it
    otherwise I like a lot of others blogs, you can watch them in my fav blogs, on my profile (it change quite often).

    The serie that you recommand and why ?
    I really love Modern Family, I've cried laughing at a push (and I'm so disappointed because I have to wait for the two next seasons) and... that's all.

    What do you like doing during your free time ?
    I bum around my phone, I read, I improve my english/spanish, I go on ekla, I do my homework because I realise it's for tomorrow and I've not done it.

    What was your favourite cartoon when you were younger ?
    DORA THE EXPPLORER HEHE you know it dude

    What is the quotation which reflect your view of the life ? #philosophytime
    I have a lot of favourite quotes, but I found recently a quote that I loved, and it is by... Kylie Jenner. It is not really a quotation, but she said "If you're different, or if you think something about you is just weird and out of the ordinary, I just think that's so dope" and it summerise so much my way of thinking.

    If you had an advice to the yourself of a few years ago, what would it be ?
    Don't think that to be open-minded summerise to accept skin colours. Sois tolerant to everyone, the gays, the black persons, the Arabs, the transgenders, the white persons, the womens, the asians, the mens... and careful, or your head won't fit through the door !

    Where do your pseudoym come from ?
    I believe I told it several times lol... when we created gag with Pinky, we looked for pseudonyms, and we matched them to our favourite colours. She liked the pink, so Pinky, I liked the purple, so Lila. there you gooo ! 

    #Yuki's questions 

    Why do you have a blog (currently) ?
    Write allow me to unwind, and to take a step back on my life sometimes (do you sometimes write something about your life, and realise it's just rubbish?). And I love the blogging, it is a passion so...

    One word for describe your blog ?

    If you could visit only one country, which one would it be ?
    The England, I wish to visit it so much !

    A movie or a book which marked you ?
    I have no idea. I don't really have one which transcended me...

    Your biggest dream ?
    Growing up with my closest mates, and see my family growing old in good health.

    Your favourite kind of article ?
    The articles that I publish, quite simply.

    What did you want to do later when you were younger ?
    SOOOO ; I wanted to be firstly checkout assistant, then hairdresser, than teacher, then cabin crew, then singer, then designer, then doctor, then psychologist, then... anyway, I wanted to do a lot of jobs.

    Do you leave somewhere in vacation in due course ? If so, where ?
    In Algeria, as each years.

    What do you study ?
    I'm in secondary school (I believe according to equivalences, I'm in year 9).

    Your favourite season ?

    The food that you adore ?
    The melted Gouda. It seems weird I know, but it's very tasty.

    my questions

    Chocolatine or pain au chocolat ? (it's a french debate between the north and the south of the France...)
    Why are you using Ekla and not another platform (like Wordpress...) ?
    What did the blogging bring you ?
    Current projects ?
    A book or a movie that you recommand ?
    An app that you recommand ?
    A search engine that you recommand ?
    A singer that you enjoy at the moment ?
    Quote an embarrasing moment of your life.
    Which serie do you approve and recommand ?
    Did you find this challenge cool ?

    I won't tag a lot of people because a lot of people already did it, so I will tag my dear Alaska, and Lawayn !

    there you go, this challenge is finished, I hope you enjoyed it and well... see you next time.

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