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    find some articles of musaly in english.
    i'm sorry if there are some mistakes but i'm not bilingual soooo...

  • What's up people, it's been ages since I haven't talked about books ! And I broached it brievely in this previous article, but I read the 1st and 2nd volumes of Dans la tête d'une garce (In a bitch's head) of Laurène Reussard, or @laurene_rsd on wattpad. Laurène has been published by Hachette Romans for her two volumes.

    The first paper version volume is come out on wattpad and I wanted to talk you about it heheeee.

    anyway, i don't know yet doing intros, go.


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  • Hey what's up guys ? first, I recommand you innocently the Lawayn's, Sasha's and Lazulie's blogs which are really awesome, so there we are.

    in my previous article, the sunshine blogger awards, I've asked you to know if you wanted an article about the 4dx at the cinema. so anybody answered me, but it's not a big deal because I wanted to do an article about it, so let's go.



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  • (j'ai juste testé pour la première fois une version traduite en anglais (que j'ai mis un peu de temps à faire je l'avoue... mdr), dites-moi ce que vous en pensez)
    (I just tested for the first time a translated version in english, tell me what do you think about it)
    Hey ! I'm so original at the moment with all my challenges ! actually it's just that I really don't have the time ; I'm too busy you know... the challenge is finally the kind of article which take the least time, and as it's rather nice, here I am !
    I'm preparing others articles, espacially a... oh no i won't spoil you ! no for real I prepare the results of the contest, because maybe it would need to finish them... an article on my dream destinations number two, and a little thing that I prepare for quite a while and which arrives soon.

    enough of blah blah, I do this challenge today because I've been tagued by Sname and #Yuki (I thank you girls) to do the Sunshine blogger awards challenge. The principle is simple ; you answer 11 questions asked by your "taguer", and then you ask eleven questions again for the next persons.



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