• Dans la tête d'une garce - Laurène Reussard

    What's up people, it's been ages since I haven't talked about books ! And I broached it brievely in this previous article, but I read the 1st and 2nd volumes of Dans la tête d'une garce (In a bitch's head) of Laurène Reussard, or @laurene_rsd on wattpad. Laurène has been published by Hachette Romans for her two volumes.

    The first paper version volume is come out on wattpad and I wanted to talk you about it heheeee.

    anyway, i don't know yet doing intros, go.

    Dans la tête d'une garce - Laurène Reussard


    R É S U M É 

    As cold and dominating as beautiful and popular, she reigns on the highschool and does one conquest after another without hand over to the feeling. That's simple, no boy resist her. Well, no... to Evan's arrival, the very beautiful "new person" of highschool. But, Mia loves challenges and decides to fall him into her's trap. She promises herself to do that, she'll overcome the boy's defences, at all costs ! Even if jeopardize the reputation that she did with so much efforts...
    I N F O R M A T I O N S 

    • published February 28, 2018
    • 558 pages
    • price - $21,5 or £15,80

    Laurène started DLTDUG to 16 years old and finished the 2nd tome to 18 years old.


    I loved so much, pouah... Honestly, at the beginning I was like "but why Laurène, it's perfect in wattpad version !", actually I was too afraid that the paper be less good, but I really haven't been disappointed. AAAh my God so much things to say.
    The characters, you don't drop them anymore. Mia may well do detestable, I'd want to say that you'll become junkie now... it'll not for lack of warn you. By the way just as much than Evan and than the secondary characters ; Eva, Jules, Marie, and even Charlotte... the dog (if you know what I mean).

    So yeah there's a lot of refs in this articles but I admit that behind DLTDUG there's really a community, so I can't help being hysterical... anyway.

    Despite some little times a little less realistic, the story is not less superb and we feel the plot's work. We're really submerged in the Mia and Evan's story, and I wouldn't know explain you that Laurène can as making you cry as making you laugh. Her books are as hilarious as "bawling" (heyy I invent some words), believe me you'll become a little moody slightly, to cry then laugh every two seconds.

    Laurène knows how to make adore us or make hate us the characters too. I won't name anyone because I'm nice and that I am not book's spoiler (I prefer spoil series), but I assure you that you'll hate necessarily at a time a character that you like. What can I add ? Really, this story is deeply moving. I am really not objective, but this duology is mad.

    R É S U M É 

    When the world joins forces against her, Mia has only one solution : assume her bitch's costume, because that's what she does better ! Or at least, it's what she believes...



    I N F O R M A T I O N S 

    • published June 27, 2018
    • 558 pages
    • price - $21,5 or £15,80

    Laurène started DLTDUG to 16 years old and finished the 2nd tome to 18 years old.


    I won't express myself too much on it given that it hasn't been already published, but all I can say il that (acording to the wattpad version that I read), this 2nd volume is not superfluous like some of them, it's a real pleasure to rediscover the Mia's adventures. It is darker too, at the same time Larène wrote it in her life's "continuity" loll, so her style changed, et personally I prefered this 2nd volume even if the 1st volume was already exceptional.

    ★★★★★ (5/5)

    DLTDUG is simply exceptional according to me. After, I understand that the style can not bein suitable for everyone, but if you like the "teen" series, the love storys but no wishy-washy, you'll absolutely love. Laurène is extra an autor really fantastic, and I recommand you her others wattpad works (available underneath, she should thanks me for this ad lolll), she is so... waouh.

    finished Wattpad novel


    The Vic's twists and turns, having to have her ex-bestfriend as a guest after that he have left without give any explication. Will her forgive him ? Why did he leave ?
    A novel as funny as deeply moving.

    roman Wattpad en cours

    Zoé is sure of being the Justin's soul mate, but he broke up. Alec is the Malia's bestfriend and would want more with her, but Malia live with a partner. And with who ? Yes, Justin. So, how could it happen of Zoé and Alec allyed us to do breaking up the lovebirds ?
    A novel promising to be hilarious.

    roman édité en automne

    Honestly, I don't know a lot more than you. But indeed, Laurène announced us some days ago that she was going to publish an unpublished of wattpad novel for the next autumn. We know that against a mysterious backdrop, we'll follow the Roméo and Héloïse aventure.





    Ok, I hope that you enjoyed this article booking laul. anyway don't hesitate to tell me in comments if you enjoyed this book if you read it, or if it tempt you if you don't have it already... you wait what ?

    well goodbyyyye see ya (always as bad for the outro)

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