• 4dx and iMax : what is it worth ?

    Hey what's up guys ? first, I recommand you innocently the Lawayn's, Sasha's and Lazulie's blogs which are really awesome, so there we are.

    in my previous article, the sunshine blogger awards, I've asked you to know if you wanted an article about the 4dx at the cinema. so anybody answered me, but it's not a big deal because I wanted to do an article about it, so let's go.


    4dx and iMax : what is it worth ?

    First of all, many of you must ask them : but what is it... ?
    The 4dx is a new format for the (big-budgets) films where it is happening some action. And according the films' movements, your seat will move, vibrate, you xill receive some water, some breeze, some smoke given off in the hall etc... All the film-lovers will love that lol. And a 4dx film is bound to be in 3d, so the 3d glasses are obligatory.
    → at a point the characters are in a car which goes very fast and behind them, some persons try to shoot them : you will receive some breeze for the speed effect, some air knocks and your seat will move according to the bends etc...
    → someone spray some water on another person : you receive some water on the head...

    And where can we find that ?
    Indeed, there is still few cinemas which do 4dx. But there are some ! Personally I'm lucky because I live 5 minutes from a Pathé which do 4dx and iMax so I'm rather happy. By the way I don't know if the others cinemas do the 4dx too (like UGC etc...) so I will concern only the Pathé.
    The first 4dx cinema in France has been the one at La Villette, but today there is some others : in Montpellier (34), Toulon (83), Lyon (69), Le Havre (76), Conflans Saint-Honorine (78), Valenciennes (59), Montataire (60), Paris (75), Saint-Denis (93), Nice (06), Thiais (94), Lieusaint (74)  and Toulouse (31).


    How much do this thing cost ?
    Indeed the price question come up, because a 4dx movie is more expensive than a classic movie.
    (i converted the french prices in pound sterling and in dollar only for this version)
    full price : 20,20 € ⁄ $24,86 ⁄ £17,68
    under 14 years old : 13,50 €  ⁄ $16,62 ⁄ £11,82
    imagine r* : 15,50 €  ⁄ $19,08 ⁄ £13,57
    students : 16,60 €  ⁄ $20,43 ⁄ £14,53

    3d glasses if you don't have them (or not compatibles with the ones of Pathé) : 1,00 €
    3d "on"glasses (i don't know the word in english), 3d glasses for the ones who already have glasses : 2,50 €

    *for the ones who don't live in Paris, it's a card which allows you differents promotions, especially at mcdo héhé

    •   •   •   •   •

    Mon expérience
    To date I saw three 4dx movies : Jumanji, Black Panther and Lara Croft.

    How do a 3dx movie happen ? Generally it's the same in 4dx and in a classic screening. We broadcast you the film that you've paid, and about fifteen minutes of ads arrive ahead of it. Seriously.
    Only, we show you before the film the security rules, available on the Pathé's website. After that, you have 30 seconds - 1 minute of demo with a little scenario which show you almost all the 4dx effects, and you watch a trailer with the 4dx. The, the movie staaaaaart.


    Jumanji - it was my first 4dx film, and i really liked it. I think there is nothing better than see a 4dx movie for the first time. It was a hilarious film that I loved, and I think I have nothing to add.
    Black Panther - Marvel, a great love affair. Of the 3 it was my favourite, of course. The scenario was awesome and well thought out, the 4dx effects only amplified my love for the movie. Now I'm dying to see Avengers : Infinity War héhé, I'll see it when he come out.
    Tomb Raider - this one disappointed me honestly. I waited it for one month, and when I saw it, he bored me. The 4dx was at the top of the game, but I found that the scenario wasn't really well thought out, and plagiarised on Indiana Jones, and then the scenario as at a push seedy.

    Otherwise, there is a movie that I have to watch in due course in 4dx : Avengers : Infinity War, #MarvelAddict. If you go watch it, tell me what do you think about it. Finally, I wanted to tell you that if you really want to watch a 4dx movie, it is best to hurry up. A film doesn't stay as long in 4dx and in iMax as a classic movie.




    It's another format that I've tested only one time. It's a hall twice as big than a classic hall, but the thing is at a push a amphitheatre it's craazy, with only seat and duo sofas, and the major particularity is that the 3d is increased in comparison to the classic 3d, and likewise for the sound, but this 3d give you at a push some dizziness so much is good. And it seems to me that all the cinemas which do 4dx do iMax.

    Ready Player One - ouah, what could I say. An unbelievable scenario, a Spielbergienne production (yeah I invent some words yeah), a mad 3d, perfect.

    That's all for the article about the 4dx and the iMax, I hope you enjoyed it ! see you next time



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